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Meet the Barbers

Meet hair stylist Jeff of The Men's Room Barber Styling Shop.


He is the old man of the shop. He has owned the Men's Room for just under 20 years now. He is very skilled in most haircuts except "skin tight fades." His wrists are not what they once were and he would rather you get a skin tight fade from another barber in the shop than give you a bad haircut himself.

Meet store mascot Abby of The Men's Room Barber Styling Shop.


Abby is the shop's mascot. She barks at everyone who comes in for a haircut. She stops the noise once you sit down. She really loves women and children. She loves being pet by them. She's not so crazy about men. She is a rescue dog and we believe she was abused by a man when she was just a pup. She is a barker not a biter.


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Meet the Barbers
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